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Crane Controls and Material Handling Solutions for Every Industry


Many material handling tools and applications that greatly simplify the handling procedure are now available. These types of equipment make it easier for you to transport, store, manage, and safeguard the items until they’re disposed of. These tools are essential for the entire product handling procedure. Investing in the appropriate material handling equipment can help you maximize productivity and optimize every step of your process. Let’s examine several popular varieties to help you choose the ideal type for your requirements.

Transportation equipment

Transporting goods from one location to another is the primary function of industrial transportation equipment.


Conveyors are helpful when you have a fixed load to move or transport; however, remember that the movement path must always be the same. This means a conveyor can be used when moving a fixed load between two specific points. Conveyors can be classified into various types based on their capacities. For example, based on their location, you can categorize them as in-floor, on-floor, and overhead conveyors.


Industrial equipment suppliers like Kor Pak say that cranes are the most often used type of equipment by industries. They are used to move heavy loads that are too heavy for conveyors. Both vertical and horizontal load lifting are possible with cranes, and their maximum weight capabilities are significantly higher. However, cranes also have a limit. Cranes help lift objects in confined spaces.

Industrial trucks

These vehicles are appropriate for usage in manufacturing or storage facilities. Conveyors cannot hold as much weight as industrial trucks can. Moreover, industrial trucks help you get around the constraints of cranes. With an industrial truck, you can move the cargo in different directions based on what you require. Industrial truck varieties include forklifts, pallet jacks, and hand trucks.

Positioning tools

The primary purpose of these types of applications is to arrange the material correctly. The workers can reduce the possibility of damage and improve product quality using these applications. Positioning equipment includes industrial robots, hoists, balancers, and manipulators.


Using various types of hoists can make lifting large weights and loads easier. There are different hoists, such as electrical and manual chain hoists.


These are the tools that assist you in properly balancing the products. Maintaining product quality during warehouse storage requires careful attention to product balancing.


Industrial robots are a remarkable technological gift that can be incredibly useful in modern industry. These robots possess high capacities and can perform tasks that humans traditionally do. They can be beneficial in handling and moving goods.

Equipment for unit loading

This equipment maintains the integrity of the products throughout transportation. The most common unit loading equipment is pallets and slip sheets.


Materials for pallets include rubber, plastic, metal, and wood. Partially divided under the upper surface, a pallet has ample room. You can place the products in certain sections to keep them safe.


You can push or pull the many tabs on slip-sheets to bring them out. The products are safe and compact when inserted inside the tabs.

last word

Selecting the appropriate material handling machinery is essential for streamlining processes and boosting output.

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